GM develops plastic battery pack for Chevy Volt


A green revolution in automotive engineering is apparent in the 26 finalists in this year's Innovation Awards Program sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Division.

Two of the three finalists in the power transmission category are for plastic packages for batteries used in electric or hybrid cars and there are four finalists for materials using renewable feedstocks. Virtually every entry emphasizes weight savings over previously used materials or more efficient processes that use less energy.

Ron Daul, director of manufacturing engineering-plastics at General Motors, said GM has developed a battery pack for the Chevy Volt injection molded in glass-reinforced polyamide 6/6 from BASF. "This is the first global high-volume lithium-ion battery pack integrating large-sized prismatic (pouch)-based battery cells," he told 25 judges in a presentation held in Auburn Hills, MI.
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