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GEVACRIL® provides new XT-acrylic coloured tubes

It’s unquestioned that colour is an indispensable element of our life to stimulate everyone’s well-being. The strong impact of objects made of acrylic colours catches the attention of people at all times. The only problem: the serialization of the extrusion process do not allow small quantities and this represents a limitation for the plastic industry.
GEVACRIL ACRYLICS® did the change and presents the first time its delivery programme of XT Acrylic Coloured Tubes: four colours (fluor green, orange, blue & white) in four diameters (OD50, OD100, OD150, OD200) are available now. Thus new bright possibilities by stocking inventory to designers, architects, lighting & machining industry had been created. And for those who work with colours GEVACRIL® can recommend the on the market well-established coloured cast tubes. Meanwhile the range of colours therefore includes more than twenty. Experience the differences of white, the addition of grey and the character of brown.

The GEVACRIL® XT Acrylic Coloured Tubes inspire the change by eye-catching applications, such as billboards, POP, displays, shop fittings, design items, lighting, furniture, art objects etc. The possibilities are countless and you can benefit from those.

Colours have the power to transform!

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