GEVACRIL® ACRYLICS’ latest set of PMMA Profiles

GEVACRIL® ACRYLICS is now offering a wide range of standard high-impact PMMA profiles, combined with the possibility of manufacturing special profiles (in PMMA, high-impact PMMA, PC, ABS). These acrylic profiles round up GEVACRIL®'S unsurpassed delivery programme with more than 1100 articles in production and readily available in stock. This includes the following special items:
• XT coloured & white tubes
• Metallic Tubes®
• FLUOR-ACRYL® Rods&Bars, Tubes, Domes
• Satin Tubes®
Also part of the GEVACRIL® product range is the ultra-rapid ©Deskglue Technology, the perfect glue for any gluing task involving our profiles.
For further information, requests, samples or quotations please don't hesitate to contact us.
More information on www.gevacril.com and on www.deskglue.eu.

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