Geotech International B.V.

GEOTECH introduces new aluminium effect pigments

Metalloy masterbatch
With the ambition to become the third pillar of the company GEOTECH launched a range of special effect pigments for plastics. The new group of metallic pigments fits perfectly into the portfolio of special effect pigments (pearlescent pigments and glitter).

Metalloy® are aluminium based pigments offering metallic effects. Geotech introduces a complete range of around 20 products for the plastic industry. The range contains aluminium pastes, treated powders and wax based pelletized pigments in a variety of particle sizes from 10 to 80 micron.

The metallic effect is based on the reflection of light on the surface of the pigment. This reflection is overlayed by the light scattered at the edges of the flake and by the micro-roughness of the pigment surface. The metallic effect is the sum of the reflection and the scattering of light. The higher the ratio of reflected light, the more intense the effect.