Gefran S.p.A.


Gefran comes to K 2010 with all of its know-how and expertise in supplying complete solutions for plastics machine automation.
Gefran’s primary mission has always been the control of industrial processes, fundamental for achieving high quality finished products. The company presents itself as a single, reliable partner, supplying a complete range of components that satisfy the needs of system control and management.
The range consists of sensors that measure principal variables (displacement, pressure, temperature and force), automation components (PLCs, HMIs, industrial PCs, SSRs, controllers and indicators), and drives (AC/DC drives, inverters, servos, brushless).
Thanks to 40 years of experience and constant investments in R&D, Gefran products are always in step with the needs of industry, ready to offer technologically advanced and energy efficient solutions.
In addition to these solutions, Gefran will present many new products at K 2010.
The new ONP1-A position transducer, based on Gefran’s patented ONDA technology: this new transducer offers extremely simple installation, maintenance, and operation.
Gefran’s line of high-temperature pressure sensors is essential for the plastics market. In particular, the new version Performance Level C is designed to satisfy the safety requirements for extruders specified by EN1114. The new version has all of the main characteristics of the IMPACT series: 35 times stronger than normal pressure sensors, mechanical modularity for shorter work times and, thanks to its innovative technology, the complete absence of mercury and other fluids, making it environmentally friendly.
Gefran also launches its line of SIEIDrive AXV300 modular drives at K 2010. Engineered to optimise the dimensions of on-board panels with extremely compact mechanical solutions, AXV300 offers maximum performance for controlling brushless and asynchronous motors used on production lines that demand high dynamics, precision, and rapid work sequences. Powering each “multi-axis” system by means of common DC bus ensures the Gefran clean power formula thanks to the standard use of Active Front End technology, which further increases dynamic performance and simultaneously guarantees energy efficiency by regenerating to the grid and avoiding waste on brake resistance.
Gefran’s GF_Vedo line of HMIs is extremely large: 14 very powerful terminals from 3.5” to 15”, based on Geode LX900 600MHz (ML series), Pentium Celeron 600MHz, Celeron Mobile 1500 MHz, and Mobile 1800 MHz (HL series) processors. Gefran’s automation solutions also consist of the Gilogik II line, series of CPUs, digital and analogue I/Os, and fieldbuses that can be used as remote I/Os and as PLCs thanks to highly flexible configuration and easy integration.
Gefran offers two programming tools: GF_Project is a user-friendly guided programming tool that uses icons or guided configuration menus, and is suitable for developers who prefer a visual programming style.
Seven is an open programming tool that uses high-level languages (C and Java). Thanks to command-line programming and to the limited use of pre-configured interfaces, Seven is ideal for developing applications that demand high customisation.
GF_LOOPER is the abbreviation of “Gefran Multiloop Controller,” the all in one solution for control of multi-zone furnaces, temperature control of small extruders, and temperature control of hot runner power units for injection presses. The functions of 8 and 16 independent control loops are concentrated in a compact space, with display of basic parameters on shared pages and all details on separate pages for each zone.