GAP Is installing a multilayer simulateox BA model to develop and resource new Oriented multilayer Shrink Barrier films

The factory is ready and the building is receiving the new Simulateox BA model where GAP will conduct development for new multilayer shrink barrier films.
Today GAP can offer to his customer a 360° technology , development and support .
GAP is a supplier of Simultaneox line base on the so call process “double bubble “ today the simulateanox is complete with extra bubble annealing.
Several agreement has been signed for new developing of high tech multilayer shrink barrier films.

GAP consider the fresh food packaging field ( meet, cheese, fish, raw pasta and others) continues to be in high demand. The market for these packaging products has had an important year growth rate . The growth is due to the increased consumer demand for a wide variety of packaging materials and applications. The market can be divided into the following main fields: lid barrier film , shrink barrier film and shrink bags.
New innovation that will be tested in a new Simultaneox line are products which might replace multilayer laminated with aluminum.

Through a coextrusion process (comparable with the double bubble technology) with a configuration designed up to 11 -layers , it is possible to produce a tube with a layflat width between 150 to 800 mm with bubble annealing , finished product thickness from 35 to 110 microns and a film up to 2.000 mm with tenter annealing , that can be directly used in the fast automatic wrapping machine which operates with modify atmosphere, shrink and vacuum, simultaneously.

An important contribution is the new PILOT multilayer double bubble and annealing process that GAP is installing . GAP wish to extent his resource presenting new products into the market under GAPFOIL trade name which support customer for pre-marketing and provide proven and real technology for barrier shrink film production.
New or existing customer can easy find in GAP and GAPFOIL a great contribution to his specific need since our motto is “ we are learning to speak the same languages of our customer” and through our daily production we can support better our customer .

GAP experience also in the extrusion coating, a dedicated technique , where many different material are laminated by extrusion by PE or specific multilayer coextruded structures.

Multistage extrusion coating and laminating unit for the production of multilayered material used for liquid packaging.
GAP is processing, under one roof, both extrusion as well as web converting capabilities thus worth to be considered a reliable partner for coating or lamination project .