PMCI PET Molds & Components

Fundamental steps towards lightweight: Four new neck designs by PMCI

Further revolutionary results in packaging developments for water, CSD and hot fill: the unique expertise of PMCI designers and their attention to both the environment and ensuring economic savings for their customers has led to new fundamental steps. The lighter the better: CSD containers

The first intervention operated by PMCI came via the lightweight of standard PCO 1810 from the original weight of 5.1g to 3.7g. Without either compromising the shape or changing the height of the thread finish (which remains at 21 mm) this new neck enables a saving of 1.4 g (-27% material). And not only is there such a dramatic saving; it is also fully compatible with existing bottling lines. Medium and large users, only converting from their existing thread to this new solution delivered by PMCI can easily save many pounds of PET resin and experience both a more economic and ecological solution.

Mineral water packaging

The interventions have subsequently been extended to the packaging for mineral water, where the weight of the container - and therefore the cost of resin alone - is 70-75% of the total cost. Starting with the ALCOA 26 mm thread finish (a very light neck), PMCI, together with a major U.S. producer of mineral water, has patented a new lighter neck finish and the result is impressive: it goes down from 2.4g to just 1.8g. The neck is extensively tested and already used at the customer’s plant.
Other savings in newly shaped neck finishes include the 26 mm Novembal. In this case, the savingis 1 gram: from an original 3.6g to just 2.6g. This represents another record and it is easily converted into incomparable cost savings for the users.

The real revolution in Hot Fill tread finish

However, the truly groundbreaking and revolutionary news is the market introduction of a brand new thread finish for hot fill applications.
Hot fill technology is popular as amongst its many advantages, it enables the reduction of the addition of preservatives in food and ensures that the potential costs of the aseptic process are avoided. Significant reductions have been made in hot fill containers where PMCI marked fundamental steps. PMCI is now able to present a genuine innovation to the market: the 1881 Hot fill, which weighs just 3.8 g. This 28mm neck is the evolution of the 1881 neck that is usually adopted for CSD and leads to a saving of no less than 4g of resin when compared to standard necks. Furthermore, it does not in any way compromise the sealing and it also allows the production of hot fill and CSD containers on the same machine without any personalization change.