Full Shine Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd.

Full Shine Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd co-extrusion-series

Full Shine achieves the leading technology: co-extrusion blow molding machinery for combing different material in one parison for saving cost, saving energy, and protecting the environment.

The machine is with special-designed co-extrusion die head to combine upto 6 different materials, incorporating high-efficient melting screws, linear function for swift and steady production, auto lubrication system, auto convey system, and parison control.

The specially designed die head for multi-layer co-extrusion ensures quality melting material of non-scorch and best combination.

Full Shine is capable of making upto 6-layer co-extrusion technology. The blow pin unit and deflashing unit have the innovative designs for perfect neck and bottom deflashing. Adjustable extruder is for easy mold changing and alignment.

All the equipment is in accordance with CE standards and ISO 9001 quality control.

Co-extrusion bottles and products are applicable in agricultural containers, chemical containers, auto parts, long-storage food packages, cosmetic containers, and recycled material re-use, etc. Co-extrusion blow molding technology is the new trend worldwide for molding various products.