Fuel tank test system replicates intense fuel sloshing

The Industrial Group of Moog Inc. (East Aurora, NY) delivered an innovative fuel tank test system to the Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA). The system is designed to perform dynamic functional tests on automotive fuel tanks, with the ability to simulate real-world road conditions.

The behavior of the liquid fuel and components of the fuel tank system can be tested and evaluated. The test results will allow FGA to optimize the desired configurations and verify the design of specific fuel tank systems.

Patent-pending, the 8-DOF (degrees of freedom) Moog test system is comprised of a 6-DOF electric simulation table with an innovative extra 2-DOF tilt table on top for increased pitch and roll motion. The Electric Simulation Table is used to reproduce the higher frequency road profiles, where the tilt table can simulate the cornering and acceleration behavior of the vehicle....

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