From fish & chips waste oil to medical fibers


Waste oil from cooking fish and chips and other fried foods makes an excellent feedstock for manufacturing an up-and coming bioplastic.

That's according to a new British research report that eyes use of the plastics in microcapsules for drug delivery in cancer therapy and also as medical implants because of its biodegradability and non-toxic nature.

"Our bioplastic-producing bacterium, Ralstonia eutropha H16, grew much better in oil over 48 hours and consequently produced three times more PHB than when it was grown in glucose," said Victor Irorere, a researcher at the University of Wolverhampton. "Electrospinning experiments, performed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Birmingham, showed that nanofibers of the plastic produced from oils were also less crystalline, which means the plastic is more suited to medical applications."...
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