b f m S.r.l., costruzione macchine per materie plastiche

From bfm -New wicketer machine

“ Bfm srl “ ( Manufacturer of plastic machines) is present in the field of plastic materials since 1975 and today is one of the most important Italian companies for the construction of Automatic Bag Makers and Flexo-graphic printing press machines with Central drum up to 10 colors and Stack type with 2 / 4 / 6 colors.

In occasion of the next Exhibition “ K 2010 – Dusseldorf “bfm srl“ will be present with a Servo drive automatic Bag maker machine type “BM 250 W - EL 800”.

The line will be in configuration “ Wicket Stacking “ by 8 rotary arms with wacuum system.
Wicket unit can be in configuration 6 rotary arm for bags with a length up to 600 mm , and 8 rotary arms for bags with a length 100 – 400 mm.

The machine has been designed to optimize the capacity , due to the high production speed and it is suitable for different kind of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE , PP Wicket bags as :
- Diapers bags
- Bakery products bags
- Freezer bags
- Grocery product bags
- Fresh products bags

Much attention has been devoted to the operational functionality and to accurate updates of electronic management of the entire production line.
The bag-maker itself follows the typical configuration of our current production, while the wicket system is completely new.
All motors are in configuration Brush-less and control the key functions, such as the feeding of the film (length bags,) the positioning of the pins and the the wicket arms speed.
A dedicated software, is responsible for the proper functioning of all electrical devices. The operator is facilitated in the use of the machine through a single terminal touch screen controller.

We wanted to give an aesthetic vision of the machine, using materials that do not involve painting processes added, giving a positive impulse, (although minimal) to our environment.

The line is mainly composed with an Indipendent motorized Un-winder unit suitable for reels up to 1000 mm in diameter , including an automatic edge guide unit. Monofolding triangle unit , automatic Bag Maker BM 250 equipped with side-sealing head and automatic wicket collection bags system.

At the same time as the K Show in Dusseldorf, BFM is preparing for an “Open House” at the production site of Solbiate Olona, thus giving the opportunity for customers who wish to make a visit after the Fair and see the new 8-color flexo printing model Marte in configuration “Gearless”

The family of flexo presses ( 6 – 8 – 10 colors) in configuration “ GEAR-LESS”, arises from the advantage of having direct drive on the axes of “plates & anilox” cylinders, without any gear motion. Some of advantages using a direct drive “gear-less” press are :

-higher print quality, because it is possible to syncronize the speed of photopolymer plate with the speed of material.
-fast adjusting at machine start-up, when all the printing decks, automatically positioned in the register phase.
- excellenceperformance of ceramic anilox rollers due to the possibility to rotate at determined speed during the printing phase.
-possibility for the operator to print (within fixed parameters of percentual) different repeat length on same sleeve of proper size.

It is particularly in the field of plastic films, and especially in that one of packaging ,that the flexographic printing is getting always more and more important, growing also constantly in the sectors of labels for food wrappings, bottles wrapping and printed adhesive tapes.

The evolution of the photopolimeric plates , together with the innovative technology of
pre – printing sector and the development of new techniques of anilox cylinders laser engraving, has determined the growth of the flexographic printing on the market and reduced the qualitative distance with other printing – systems.

We can not say that flexo system can substitute offset and /or gravure, but the Customers and users have learned to recognize that the modern system of flexo updated with today's technology, may have benefits in economic terms for certain types of printed job.