From CAD model to cost estimate in one click


aPriori cost-modeling software has upgraded its capabilities to generate highly detailed tooling cost estimates for components. Rick Burke, aPriori's VP of marketing, told PlasticsToday that the program's ultimate goal is to help OEMs and suppliers, including injection molding and moldmaking companies, "understand the costs of manufacture." A simple concept with powerful prospects for companies wrangling over the true costs of a component with their customers.

Businesses that buy a subscription to the software can open up a CAD model within the program, enter a few relevant data points like volume, material, process, location of manufacture, and lifecycle, then click on "cost" and get an estimate in seconds. "Historically people who estimated cost tended to be at the end of the process," Burke said. "This moves the whole process upstream, and that way people can attack the cost right away."...
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