Friul Filiere receives order for 9 extrusion lines

Indian plastics supplier Reliance Industries Ltd has placed an order with Italian-based Friul Filiere for nine extrusion lines for HDPE pipes, totaling almost $8 million.

Calling it one of the "most important orders of its history," Friul Filiere said that Reliance's order is a positive outlook for future growth and represents a "brighter image in the panorama of the plastics industry worldwide."

"We are satisfied with our company and for our whole team," said Valdi Artico, president and CEO of Friul Filiere. "We won against foreign multinationals competitors, for our innovative technology; totally customized solutions; production performance (the highest extrusion speed ever reached) flexible and collaborative approach; and speed of implementation. Above all the key factor is the tireless and continuous work in research and development."

Friul Filiere has been operating in the field of plastic materials at the international level for more than 30 years and calls itself the "only Italian company able to supply complete lines and toolings for the extrusion of special thermoplastic materials."

Reliance is India's largest private sector enterprise, with business in the energy and materials value chain. Group's annual revenues are in excess of $66 billion. ...

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