Frito Lay hears consumer complaints, quiets bioplastic SunChips bag


Spreading the news via the same social media that undermined the product to begin with, Frito Lay announced via Twitter it would relaunch its polylactic-acid (PLA) based compostable bag for Sun Chip now in a quieter bag.

On Oct. 6, 2010, Frito Lay announced on Twitter that it had not abandoned the biodegradable bag concept, after pulling the first iteration from shelves following consumer backlash over the loudness of the bioplastic bags. "Our compostable bag is not going away! Specially-marked Original flavor bags are still compostable, and we're working on a new bag," the company posted on the microblogging site.

On Feb. 24, Frito Lay again used Twitter to update consumers, asking for feedback on FaceBook regarding its "2x quieter Compostable bag on Original flavor SunChips", which it said would be in stores in "about a month."...
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