Free flowing phosphate ester powder offered by ICL-IP as flame retardant for polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide, ABS and their alloys.

FyrolflexTM Sol-DP, a proprietary oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant (FR), is a free flowing powder offered by ICL-IP for compounding applications in styrenic copolymers, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide and their alloys. Compared with other commercial solid phosphate esters FRs, it exhibits higher phosphorus content and melting range.
Additional inherent advantages offered by FyrolflexTM Sol-DP over other phosphate ester FR additives currently used for same applications, are its contribution to low color, good clarity, excellent hydrolytic and UV stabilities.
Being a free flowing powder, FyrolflexTM Sol-DP can be used in typical metering equipment and avoids extra cost and difficulty of very viscous liquid handling systems. This advantage also leads to flexibility to the compounder, as the premixed blend can be moved from one extrusion line to the other without changing equipment.
ICL-IP’s Technical Support Network (TECNET) is providing specific recommendations for processing conditions to optimize usage of FyrolflexTM Sol-DP.
For more information, please come and visit ICL-IP in Hall 7, Stand C26 or contact frinfo@icl-ip.com