Four key inputs medical device OEMs want from contract molders


Contract molders who want to do business with medical device companies need to know a few things about their customers' expectations. It's a whole new competitive world out there, as Harry Hamme explained at Engel's Medical Day event in Corona, CA, yesterday. Molding a part to spec on time and on cost is just the start. You also need to be a true partner with a creative streak.

Hamme recently retired from medical device manufacturer BD, number 332 on the Fortune 500 list, where he served for more than 20 years in various procurement roles. He spent the last 14 years at BD as Global Strategic Sourcing Manager, responsible for managing capital equipment purchases and sourcing strategies at all captive BD plastic injection molding operations worldwide. In other words, he knows the medical device business inside out and has a keen sense of what contract molders need to do to keep their medtech customers satisfied. Here are four key areas to keep front of mind.
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