Foster hikes capacity; Foster, Putnam split


Foster Corp. (Putnam, CT) has brought on line a 50-mm twin-screw Leistritz extruder to boost compounding capacity for custom pre-colored polymers used in Class I medical applications. The new line will be used to optimize pigment dispersion of challenging colors and polymers, and maximize throughput to reduce costs.

"As a leader in polymer compounding for minimally invasive devices and catheters, Foster has developed an expertise in the dispersion of additives in polymers for thin wall parts," said Christine Howe, director of manufacturing for Foster. "We have designed this new larger line to provide the same quality and consistency for Class I devices with demanding color requirements. These applications generally consume higher volumes and are under increased pressure to reduce costs."

The output of Foster's new line is in excess of 1000 lb/hr (454 kg/hr). It is complemented with traditional strand cutting and underwater pelletizing, which will be used for low-durometer materials such as urethanes and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The equipment was designed to serve high-volume medical applications where color is critical and cost is important, such as custom-colored polymers for bandage or packaging film....
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