Forum questions offshoring of manufacturing from U.S. and poses an answer to it


Bad news this week out of the U.S. manufacturing sector stoked growing fears that the country will again dip into recession. What can domestic U.S. manufacturers and their engineering teams do today to reduce product costs and retain the quality and customer advantages of designing and building in their primary market, which is often still the U.S.? Some new perspectives on the offshoring/reshoring debate emerged at the recent 26th annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA).

As one might expect from a Forum devoted to DFMA and organized by Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc. (Wakefield, RI), a leading supplier of DFMA software, one focus of the event was on the importance of involving manufacturers as early as possible in the process of new product design. DFMA software helps companies develop products with fewer parts at lower cost and with higher quality; read here our article on one OEM's use of DFMA software to significantly reduce the number of parts in a medical device as it transitioned from metal to more plastics for the device....
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