Ford applies soy-based foam in head restraints


The new head restraint foam supplied to Ford by Lear is 25% soy bio-based, joining the foam in the seat cushions and backs of all of Ford's North American-built vehicles in having soy polyol. Ford says its use of bio-based foam has helped reduce its petroleum oil usage by more than 3 million lb annually, while cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15 million lb.

Debbie Mielewski, technical leader, Ford Plastics Research said the latest application of the soy-based foam comes in a new location and features higher soy content. "We're not stopping at head restraints, either," Mielewski said in a release. "There are still many other applications in which traditional foam can be converted to bio-based soy foam on vehicles, such as energy-absorption areas, steering wheels and armrests."
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