For those serious about IP security, the ultimate recycling system


"Secure destruction" and "sustainability" are catchphrases for a new service offered by Connecticut Metal Industries. The company calls the destruction and recycling system service a green and secure alternative to traditional incineration. The company will accept pharmaceutical and sensitive packaging scrap shipped under seal into its Ansonia, Connecticut warehouse.

The packaging scrap, be it paper, laminates or plastics, will be sheared, shredded and separated into recyclable components and later compressed into bricks or bales for material recovery. The company now has the capacity to securely store and process 80,000 lb of packaging materials daily. "With the constant threat of product counterfeiting, secure destruction has become a necessary component when handling large volumes of labeling and packaging materials," says Tom Mele, the president of CMI. "We now offer a green recycling alternative to the traditional incineration that generated substantial greenhouse gases."...
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