For third straight year, California legislature rejects plastic bag ban


For the third straight year, the effort to ban or tax plastic carryout bags in California has failed.

The California Senate late Aug. 31 rejected AB 1998, which would have banned the use of plastic bags starting in 2012 at large grocery stores. The 20-14 no vote was seven votes short of what was needed to pass the measure, which had been approved by the state Assembly in June.

“We’re thankful the California legislature looked at it and decided to protect the jobs of workers,” said Keith Christman, managing director for plastics markets for the American Chemistry Council, which had argued that the proposed ban threatened 1,000 manufacturing jobs in California.

“Last night definitely was a vote to protect California jobs and against a hidden tax,” Christman said in a Sept. 1 phone interview. “It would have cost consumers...
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