Flextronics acquires Swiss medical molder

Flextronics has acquired Switzerland based injection molder RIWISA AG (Hagglingen), with plans to roll the formerly family owned manufacturer into its growing medical operation. Founded in 1946, RIWISA runs 94 injection molding machines ranging in clamp force from 300-4200 kN (30-42 tons), with shot weights from 0.2-1000g (0.007-35 oz). It employs approximately 300.

Prior to the deal, which is expected to close in October, Flextronics Medical had 18 production sites overall, with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including four sites in the U.S., three in Israel, and two each in China, Italy, and Mexico. It produces products and components for consumer diagnostics, drug delivery, microelectronics for implantables, disposable devices, lab diagnostics equipment, imaging, and patient mobility....

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