A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH

Flexible silos for large Russian plastics processor

A.B.S. receives large order from Mir Upakovki, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging from St. Petersburg.

In the last months several road trains have left the yard of A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH in Osterburken, their destination: St. Petersburg in Russia. There are the company headquarters and production site of Mir Upakovki, a leading Russian manufacturer of plastic packaging. Mir Upakovki has ordered a large number of tailor-made, flexible silos from A.B.S. which are used to store plastic granulates. The plastics specialist produces an extensive range of packaging and containers for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical, cosmetic and perfume industry as well as other important industries.

According to Mir Upakovki, they made their decision for flexible silos by A.B.S., based on the fact that they offer a high storage capacity on only a small storage space as well as low transportation costs and are easy to install. Other important reasons for the decision of the Russian manufacturer were the ability to store various plastic materials for example polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, but also a large number of other special granulates in Flex-Silos, regardless of the weather conditions and, thanks to an integrated weighing system, the ability to check the current storage levels at any time.

A.B.S. is a specialist for flexible silos for storing all kinds of bulk goods and delivers to numerous countries all over the world.
The customer is offered technically mature system engineering – from compact, mobile Flex-Containers over stationary Flex-Silos for the most varied industrial bulk goods to turnkey silo plant constructions with discharge aids.
The services A.B.S. provides start with the development, planning and design, and extend to the professional installation, commissioning and a reliable service.

The Flex-Silos are made of very strong high-tech polyester fabrics - tailor-made to the customer's requirements, as uncoated or breathable versions, that prevent the formation of condensation thus improving storage quality, or in different versions of coatings, depending on the application. On request, the silos for example can be equipped with anti-static properties or have an approval for the food sector.

Every silo can be fitted with a range of technically mature equipment for measuring filling levels, weighing and dosing as well as intelligent control systems. The A.B.S. system engineering makes it possible to integrate the silos into already existing production lines, so that the production plants can be provided with bulk goods just-in-time, as is done at Mir Upakovki in Russia.

Flexible silo plants by A.B.S. guarantee a high transparency in the production process and the possibility of documenting by simply pressing a button- e.g. when taking the inventory. The controls with a convenient colour touch panel enable, for example, to find out the material throughput per minute and to check the exact consumption of the plants.

Here at A.B.S. we are rather proud of receiving this large order from Russia. Matthias Petzl: "The quality of the high-strength fabrics and of the other materials we use, are well known on the market. But this order from Russia we also received because of our technical know how and pre-sales services, such as the planning of tailor-made systems, as well as our after-sales service."