Flexible PVC compounds for indoor construction cut VOC emissions


New flexible PVC compounds for indoor construction products exhibit up to 90% lower emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than a comparable standard PVC and help manufacturers address other regulatory issues.

The compounds are based on three innovations from the supplier, Teknor Apex Company:

Additive formulations designed for low VOC emissions.
Non-phthalate plasticizers, including types that generate lower VOC emissions than conventional plasticizers.
Bio-based plasticizers derived from renewable plant byproducts, also including versions with low VOC emissions.
These three innovations can be combined into compounds offering reductions in VOC emissions ranging from 37% to 90%. Compounds that contain alternative plasticizers enable manufacturers to address market requirements for elimination of phthalates. Compounds with bio-based plasticizers also provide for a substantial reduction in the overall carbon footprint of PVC.

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