Flexi-Cube: new concept for high-volume, high-tech mold commercialized


Injection molds truly are amazing machines. Every time you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along and we’re amazed again. Boucherie, a Belgium-based manufacturer of machinery for brush manufacturing and injection molds for consumer, medical and engineering products, recently introduced a completely new multi-component mold: Flexi-Cube.

The first mold of this type, developed for one of Boucherie’s (www.boucherie.com) customers to produce a three-component handle, was delivered to the customer. The 24 x 4-cavity Flexi-Cube mold is a five-station mold:

Station 1: 24 cavities for the injection of the first material
Station 2: cooling
Station 3: 24 cavities for the injection of the second component
Station 4: 24 cavities for the injection of the third component
Station 5: outside the mold for product ejection or removal during an active molding cycle

Although the three-component handle has a relatively large wall thickness, the Flexi-Cube mold achieves an overall cycle time of 15 seconds.
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