Flambeau Medical to add two cleanrooms in AZ


Flambeau Medical Markets Group is buying six all-electric injection molding machines for a Class 8 cleanroom that will be located in a newly purchased 16,000-sq-ft building next to its current manufacturing site in Phoenix, AZ.

The expansion is part of a ramp up by the Nordic Group of Companies (Barbaroo, WI), which wants to makes its new medical group one of the top 10 in North America in three to five years.

The Flambeau Medical Markets Group was created last year when Nordic and its Flambeau plastics unit bought 43-year-old Mastercraft. Medical had been a rapidly rising market for Mastercraft, accounting for 70% of its business in 2010, up from 38% in 2008.

Flambeau was already participating in the medical market through production of intravenous components and EMT cases and kits, but the goal was to develop a division that would provide new product development for proprietary products as well as for outside customers ...