Flambeau’s latest addition provides new direction


It's been said that a company is either growing or going away, but it's never standing still. Flambeau Inc., a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, has held to that adage throughout its successful 64-year history. Its recent strategic acquisition of Mastercraft Companies, consisting of Mastercraft Mold and Polycraft Industries, is proof that growth remains a big part of Flambeau's long-term success.

Jason Sauey, president and CEO and son of Flambeau's founder W.R. Sauey, sat down with PlasticsToday at the offices of what is now known as Flambeau Phoenix, to talk about the company's history, its strategies for success and plans for the future as it enters more deeply into the medical market via its latest acquisition.

Sauey defines Flambeau, based in Baraboo, WI, as one of the most "interesting plastics processors" in the industry today based on its expansive business mix and capabilities. The company's wide-ranging diversity in the markets it serves and the products it manufactures, many of which are proprietary commercial products, makes it unique among plastics manufacturers. It is this diversification that is largely responsible for Flambeau's success. "We've never been a hostage to any industry or customer or market," Sauey states emphatically....
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