Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H.

First Woven PP Pinch Bottom Bag worldwide

Starlinger has recently installed their first pp*starKON pinch bottomer – the world's first fully automated pinch bottom bag conversion line for the production of PP*STAR® poly woven pinch bottom bags.

The Starlinger PP*STAR® bag is the first pinch bottom bag made of woven polypropylene and reverse printed BOPP film. It is produced on the pp*starKON, the world's first automatic pinch bottom bag conversion line for polypropylene fabric, manufactured exclusively by Starlinger. Based on Starlinger’s experience in the field of woven bag machinery, the pp*starKON unites flexibility, productivity and efficiency in the automated production process. It converts flat fabric into open-mouth pinch bottom bags with side gussets and staggered cut at the pinch top. A special glue, developed by Starlinger in cooperation with an adhesive specialist after years of research, is pre-applied on the pinch bottom and the pinch top. While the pinch bottom is sealed during the sack production process, the pinch top is closed during the filling process by reactivating the glue. This guarantees quick and clean sealing and secure closure against external agents.

The PP*STAR® woven pinch bottom bag can be used on common open-mouth filling lines; for the closing, modified regular pinch bag closing lines are perfectly suitable.
Optionally the pp*starKON can be equipped with a flush cut unit which prepares the PP*STAR® for the application of different easy-open or reclosable features.

A step change innovation with many advantages
The development of the PP*STAR® pinch bottom bag has opened new possibilities in dry petfood packaging, but it also meets the requirements of other applications such as fertilizer, seeds, flour, sugar or rice. It combines the advantages of pinch bottom bags and woven polypropylene: The bags are sift-proof, strong but lightweight, and offer excellent shelf display and visual appeal.
PP*STAR® bags can be supplied with different opening features. The bag length of PP*STAR® bags ranges from 500 to 1070 mm, the bag width lies between 250 and 480 mm.

PP*STAR® – a lightweight yet strong champion
PP*STAR® is an exceptionally lightweight form of packaging made of a BOPP-fabric composite. The fabric is woven from extruded and stretched polypropylene tapes and bonded by a BOPP film with high quality reverse printing. An average woven bag with a specific weight of 110 g/m² measures around 600 x 400 x 130 mm and weighs only 95 g. The BOPP-fabric composite is the ideal base for high-strength, lightweight packaging that is tear-resistant and at the same time appealing to the eye. And, being made entirely of polypropylene, the PP*STAR® bag is a desired mono-material packaging solution – hygienic and 100% recyclable.
The Starlinger pp*starKON pinch bottomer is available for viewing in Starlinger’s show room in Weissenbach, Austria, during the Starlinger Open House which is held parallel to the K trade fair in Düsseldorf.

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