Finding skilled workers? Count yourself lucky.


Unemployment is one problem, but just as serious for many companies in the plastics industry is finding skilled workers to fill the hundreds - perhaps thousands - of jobs available at processing facilities and in mold making. Companies that want to grow, and eventually hire more people, cannot find the employees they need now to help those growth plans come to life.

Fox News highlighted the problem on August 30 when its reporter John Roberts visited mold maker MGS MFG. Group in Germantown, WI, to talk with management there about the dearth of skilled workers to fill the 30 positions that company currently has open. John Berg, director of marketing for MGS MFG, gave Roberts plant tours of both MGS and TecStar Mfg. Company, the company's injection molding operations.

"For the most part we don't have a great deal of trouble finding certain entry-level positions, because if they have the right aptitude and attitude, we offer training for jobs such as press operator," says Berg in a telephone interview after the Fox News airing. "As their knowledge improves, we move them up in the company."
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