Film extrusion: EDI installs 1.6m cast film line in application lab


Extrusion Dies Industries LLC (EDI; Chippewa Falls, WI) has installed a 1.6m (63-inch) extrusion line at its process lab, allowing for its own and customer research into new cast films, coatings, or laminations. The line is capable of laboratory-scale single- or multilayer production, as well as web converting, with five extruders that can produce single- or multilayer cast films at thicknesses from 8 to 125 µm (0.3 to 5 mils). EDI declined to reveal the make of the line or total investment cost. The lab itself covers 13,000 ft2 and has four full-time employees.

Speeds for an 8-µm linear low or low-density polyethylene film average 229m (750 ft) per minute. Multilayer film can range from standard coextrusions to wholly new structures enabled by EDI's layer-multiplier tooling. That technology can split a melt stream into a few dozen or more than 1000 microlayers....
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