Fill ‘er up, with plastics scrap


If the U.S. recovered the energy from its non-recycled plastic by converting these materials into fuel, it could generate enough for the equivalent of 6 million cars annually. That finding released by the American Chemistry Council from a study conducted for it by 4R Sustainability Inc. on increasing opportunities for plastics-to-fuel "conversion technologies".

The ACC said recapturing such waste plastic would help to create a "reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, no-cost feedstock" while diverting potentially valuable material from landfills. The report found that many of these plastic-to-fuel conversion technologies are already being implemented on a commercial scale in Europe and Asia.

Citing 2007 LA county data, the study cited five companies offering anaerobic digestion, thermal depolymerization, pyrolysis, and high- and low-temperature gasification. The throughputs for the technologies from Arrow Ecology and Engineering, Changing World Technologies, International Environmental Solutions, Interstate Waste Technologies, and NTech Environmental range in outputs from 125 to 935 tons/day....
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