Ferromatik Milacron: New Director Research & Development

Dr. Thorsten Thümen has been named the new Director of Research and Development at injection molding machine manufacturer Ferromatik Milacron. The 35-year-old Paderborn native has been with the firm for three years, where he has risen steadily through the ranks. As Director of Research and Development, his new responsibilities include mechanical, electronics, and software design. The position reports directly to the Managing Directors.

From Plasticizing Expert to Head of Development
Dr. Thorsten Thümen studied machine design at the University of Paderborn, majoring in plastics processing. He completed a doctoral thesis on the optimization of plasticizing systems, and continued his work in this area when he joined the product development department at Ferromatik Milacron. Dr. Thorsten Thümen then became team leader for technical sales support in the Applications Technology department where he played an instrumental role in the formation of the systems business.

Alongside this work, he was also a member of the core development team behind the new modular F-Series, eventually becoming project leader of the group. This most recent promotion to Director of Research and Development is well-deserved recognition of Dr. Thorsten Thümen´s contributions to this vital project.

"Dr. Thorsten Thümen combines the technical expertise and the people skills which are essential for the position," said Gerold Schley, Managing Director at Ferromatik Milacron. His strengths include a detail-oriented approach and a willingness to look beyond conventional ideas to find genuinely innovative solutions to the technical and economic challenges facing plastics manufacturers today. "When I was studying, Ferromatik Milacron stood out for me as a manufacturer that always went the extra distance with their machine design, including special technologies, such as cube molds or the monosandwich process," said Dr. Thorsten Thümen. "I am proud to be doing my part to continue that tradition with the new F-Series," he added.

The F-Series, which was unveiled to the industry at K 2010, is an entirely new design featuring modular drive technology. The F-Series will be available for sale starting at the Ferrromatik Milacron Open House event on May 26, 2011 and will eventually replace the current line-up of machines including the all-electric (ELEKTRA), hydraulic (K-TEC) and hybrid (VITESSE) models. Once the new line-up is in place, the F-Series will include machines ranging from 500 kN to 6,500 kN focused on the packaging, consumer goods, and medical technology industries.