Ferromatik Milacron: New All-electric Machine from Milacron China at Easy Fairs in Sweden

Injection molding machine manufacturer Ferromatik Milacron will present the European debut of the new all-electric ELEKTRON from Milacron China in Malmo, Sweden at Easy Fairs on May 18 and 19, 2010. The machine will be exhibited on the show floor at Ferromatik Milacron´s Swedish representative Green (booth C 02). Equipped with an international size 300 injection unit, the ELEKTRON 110 with a clamping force of 1,100 kN will demonstrate production of polypropylene brackets for a library CD storage system using a single-cavity mold by Tojos Plast of Sweden.

The new ELEKTRON is positioned as a basic all-electric injection molding machine at an attractive price point. "With the new machine we have an offering of unbeatable value from our Chinese affiliate. The ELEKTRON, along with our own high tech models, is helping us connect with new customers," said Robert Trube, Director Sales & Marketing at Ferromatik Milacron. "Our demonstration model has already been sold and will be delivered to a Swedish customer immediately after the show", added Trube.

Introduced last year, the new ELEKTRON from Milacron China is based on the proven ELEKTRA series developed by Ferromatik Milacron. The new machine combines the best of European technology, Indian engineering, and Chinese manufacturing. The ELEKTRON series is now also available in Europe in eight sizes, ranging from 500 to 3,300 kN and can be combined with a choice of seven injection units in international sizes from 55 to 1,540. The ELEKTRON is available with a set of basic options and is shipped directly to customers from Milacron China via a European seaport. Since the ELEKTRON and the ELEKTRA share the same platform, service and spare parts are available from Ferromatik Milacron for both machines.

More Information: www.ferromatik.com

Easy Fairs, 18.-19. Mai 2010, Malmö, Sweden, Stand C 02