Feng Ping makes push into automotive and two-shot molds, molding


Shortly after expanding into the adjacent mirror-image warehouse, China-based American-owned injection molder and moldmaker Feng Ping (Feng Gang, China) has also expanded the markets it serves and process technologies it offers, winning multiple customers in automotive and adding two-shot injection molding and moldmaking.

John Fiocchi, who runs the wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) Feng Ping Tooling and Plastics (Dong Guan) Mfg. Co. Ltd. along with his brother James, told PlasticsToday that its newest machine, a two-shot 600-ton press, is fully installed and running 24/7. The company is supplying molds and parts to General Motors, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, and Volkswagen, among others, in addition to Tier One supplier ITW. [IMM spent several days with Feng Ping in Feng Gang, generating a three-part series on the company].

When Fiocchi spoke with PlasticsToday, he noted that the company would soon be installing a high-speed robot on the 2-shot press, with preparations also under way to order a second 2-shot injection molding machine....
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