Feiplastic: Cooling market heats up in Brazil for Mecalor

São Paulo—Process temperature equipment supplier Mecalor is growing as rapidly as the Brazilian and Latin American plastics processing market it serves, while still maintaining its family ties. Speaking with PlasticsToday at the recent Feiplastic 2013 event, sales manager Flavio Pereira noted that the third generation of the founding family began employment at the company during the fair.

"Over the last five years, sales have increased almost 200%," Pereira said. "Over the last 10 years, they're up nearly 600%. We're a very small company, but we want more."

A decade ago, Pereira said Mecalor made around 30 chillers/month with 100 employees. Today it manufactures 200 chillers/month with 130 employees, increasing productivity and profits. The 53-year-old company, which is based in the state of São Paulo, now has equipment in 60 different countries, with chillers and temperature control units often piggybacking onto the orders of injection molding and extrusion equipment from fellow Brazilian companies like Romi or Carnevalli.

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