Feiplastic 2013: Netstal sells cap-molding cell off its stand

Netstal is considering its participation in May's Feiplastic event in Brazil a success after selling a hybrid cap molding system that was making its South American debut off its stand. CristalPet do Brasil, a subsidiary of Uruguay's Grupo Cristalerías (Montevideo), bought the cell, which featured Netstal's ELION 3200 hybrid drive concept injection molding machine. During Feiplastic, the ELION 3200 was molding PCO 1881 bottle caps in a 4.2-second cycle with a z-mould (Dornbin, Austria) 72-cavity tool.

The ELION 3200, which was launched in 2012 at Fakuma, was equipped with an electric clamping unit featuring energy recovery, as well as the revamped aXos control unit. The caps were cooled by an Eisbär Trockentechnik GmbH (Götzis, Austria) lift cooler.

When Netstal launched the latest ELION machine at Fakuma 2012, the company touted its Eco-Powerunit drive, which it said, in comparison to conventional hydraulically-driven toggle lever machines, reduces energy consumption by up to 40%. The ELION line was first introduced to the market in 2003, with 500- and 1750-kN units. In 2010, the clamping force range was expanded to include 2200- and 2800-kN models....

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