Fasti-Koch: Covenient, safe and energy-saving material drying

Fasti-Koch enhanced its compressed air dryers for small throughputs of hygroscopic material. According to the company a modern touch panel-based control offers intelligently adapted granulate drying with maximum convenience for the operator. The new control system regulates energy and compressed air consumption to the levels actually required. An integrated database for materials and operating data helps the user save, change and always have access to process parameters.

The previous generations of Fasti-Koch compressed air dryers have already used the modular basic concept. The control module, also known as the pilot module, and drying containers of various sizes can be quickly disconnected and put together again. This pilot module now features a modern touch panel-based control - the first of its kind to ever be used in compressed air dryers, claims Fasti-Koch. The touch-sensitive display makes for easier operation and clarity. The user can call up all relevant data in a clear form and change it with just the pressure of his or her finger. This might include drying temperatures, drying time monitoring, holding times, an interval or weekly timer program, the integrated control for air-jet conveyance, the option of dew point recording or the new feature of a material database. Data such as temperatures, lowering times and regulation of air volumes for the dried materials are stored in this database for subsequent access.

The control system automatically adapts to the material volume throughflow. This means that if the material throughput increases, the energy and compressed air consumption values are changed by a proportional amount. If the material throughput falls or no material is being removed, energy and compressed air are automatically reduced. The energy and compressed air consumption values are therefore minimised.

"We took the idea of touch panel-based control from the compressed air dryer´s big brothers - the dehumified air dryers from Koch-Technik," says Werner Koch, Managing Director of Fasti-Koch. "This form of control proved a success in these products and went down well with customers so we are now using it in Fasti-Koch compressed air dryers too." The control components in the touch panel module are perfectly matched to the gentle drying of all plastic materials currently used (such as ABS, PA and PP). Dew point measurement and recording can be integrated in the new compressed air dryer control system. The user can also use ports such as Ethernet and USB to exchange data. Combining all the control components in the compact touch panel module has greatly reduced the weight of the pilot module, simplifying changes on the processing machine.

From 2012, the new control system will be standard in all Fasti-Koch ERD dryer models, ranging from the ERD Micro dryer for very small volumes to the ERD Xpert dryer for small volumes which is available with V2A stainless steel drying containers of between 7 l and 62 l.