bielomatik Leuze GmbH & Co.KG

Fast, high-load design and environmentally friendly drive concept for vibration welding machines

With completely electrically driven machines, bielomatik meets today's requirements.

The Neuffen-based manufacturer is now supplementing its current hydraulic-stroke-drive designed vibration welding machines with variants whose stroke movement is electrically driven. With this, users have an energy- and resource-saving variant of these welding machines available. They take die plates measuring up to 1380 x 590 mm.

Fast and precise

Some special characteristics of the electric drive offer technical and economic advantages compared to the existing hydraulics. The lifting table can run and position much faster. In doing so, it achieves high pressing forces, which are required for the new technical plastics. With electric drive, positions of the stroke movement (700 mm stroke path) can be programmed more easily. This is particularly advantageous for applications with additional infrared preheaters. The electric drive achieves exact synchronisation through a clutch shaft. A very high spring stiffness in the vibration head increases the capacity. That proves to be very favourable, especially with spatially shaped welding geometries. Especially short on-and-off response times of the vibration drive ensure optimal process conditions and the best welding joints. Moreover, time and cost savings result in maintenance, among other things. For example, care and oil changes are eliminated.

Adapted to individual applications

Due to the modular concept of the K3233 welding machines, different variants that are exactly adapted to individual applications can be achieved without difficulty. For example, welding machines with high- or low-frequency vibration heads with different output and variable opening widths from 865 to 1015 mm can be made. There is an additional infrared pre-heating as an option.

For programming and operating, two different control variants (Siemens S7 or industrial PC) can be selected. In the high-end design (industrial PC), the 15” screen-diagonal, touch-sensitive screen (touch-screen) offers especially convenient operation.

As an option, the design with industrial PC offers interfaces for data transfer to external storage devices and networks for documentation of program and process parameters. Moreover, external devices can be connected and configured quickly and easily, for example barcode readers, printers and cameras. The software for control of these additional devices can be stored in the industrial PC and thus edited and adapted. Likewise, the industrial PC directly creates and saves files with process parameters for documentation and data backup. For fast, process-proximate quality control, the industrial PC shows trends based on the parameters resulting from the 200 parts last welded.

The compact structure on a stable base frame permits transport of the complete machine with a forklift. The modularly mounted sound insulation can be taken apart and remounted quickly for special transportation and smaller transport dimensions, and the control cabinet can be connected and disconnected by means of mechanical and electrical plug connections.

The electric drive corresponds to current requirements for a sustainable, energy- and resource-saving, environmentally friendly drive for production machines. Lower costs additionally result as expensive service work is eliminated.

Vibration welding is suitable for joining a variety of plastic parts from a large spectrum of materials in large series. As a result, for example, lamp housings in the automobile sector and be welded economically and reliably.

One Company - All Technologies …

… is the trade fair motto of bielomatik. The Neuffen-based machine builder has mastered the widest array of welding processes and so can offer optimal solutions for almost all technically used plastics. In scientific projects and its own R&D, bielomatik develops solutions and concepts for the high-performance plastics which are penetrating the “welding market” more and more, including fibre-reinforced lightweight construction materials (organic sheets) and high-temperature plastics (PPA, PPS, etc.). The spectrum includes laser welding modules, contact heating elements, contact-free infrared heaters with short and medium wavelengths, low- and high-frequency vibration welding systems, hot gas, heat contact and high-frequency processes. Ultrasonic procedures can also be designed and integrated into special applications. With their comprehensive know-how from several decades of experience, the Neuffen-based experts will advise you individually and competently, select the appropriate procedure and create an optimal configuration. And so production operations, from compact laser-integration modules to comprehensive automated systems for large parts with several combined welding processes, obtain joining technology that is carefully adapted to their needs.