Following the increasing demand of our clients we have developed the technology to seal the perimeter of PP hollow profile sheets.

Such technology based on hot air jets can be applied to both linear or round shaped corners: that is to say you can use such technology to seal in flute direction or counter flute directions the PP hollow profile sheets . So this way you can have a square/rectangular PP hollow profile sheet and seal all around the perimeter (a possible application for this is panels for advertising so that no dust / impurities can enter the flutes).

In addition by using another shaper you can be sealing round shaped corners. So by a combination of the linear shaper and round shaper you can be sealing a PP hollow profile sheet having round shaped corners (for instance: bottles’ separators / layer pads).
The sealing is very smooth and fast. According to the material used the machine can speed up to 8 meters/minute.

Such sealing / shaping heads can be applied on various frames / machines thus having a basic semi-automatic machine sealing one side only or one corner only….up to the integration into a fully automatic machine that can seal the 4 sides of the sheet and the related 4 rounded corners. Such latter type of machine can work in continuous from pallet to pallet without any interruption and is there as well an automatic pallet shuttle system both in feeding and staking section, with a buffer system to avoid production interruption during the automatic pallet changing.
As well we offer sealing linear groups to be placed in line with extrusion line to seal in flutes direction.

A PLC with a dedicated touch panel is offering the overall control of the production cycle/parameters.

Remote assistance module is integral part of the fully automatic machine model.
Different shapers for different thicknesses and shapes can be provided.

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