FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

FKuR & Fujitsu: Bio-Keyboard

Fujitsu introduces a world first - an injection moulded keyboard made from renewable
materials. This newly developed eco-keyboard 'KBPC PX ECO' has been launched under
the label “Green IT” with Biograde® resin from FKuR being used for some of the
component parts.
This new Eco-Keyboard underlines Fujitsu’s Green IT commitment to saving CO2
emissions, and represents a further innovation for Green IT. “In order to reduce the
dependency on oil, Fujitsu’s new keyboard replaces 45 percent of plastic components
with materials from renewable resources”, confirms Jürgen Geiger, project manager in
charge at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
For the keyboard base, Biograde® C 7500 CL from FKuR has been chosen. “The ease of
processing using existing production equipment and the excellent mechanical properties
of Biograde® were the decisive factors for choosing this material from FKuR”, says
Thomas Raab, responsible project manager at Amper Plastik. “Parts made from Biograde
meet the special requirements for keyboards and in some cases even exceed the
properties of oil-based plastics.”
Bioplastics are a class of polymers, which have properties comparable to conventional
polymers, but are made from renewable resources or enable biodegradability of the
products made from this material.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the leading European IT infrastructure provider present
in all worldwide key markets, serving large-, medium- and small-sized companies as well
as consumers. With its Dynamic Infrastructures approach, the company offers a full
portfolio of IT products, solutions and services, ranging from clients to datacenter
solutions, Managed Infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.
Amper Plastik established for 50 years, a high-quality, technically superior plastic
productand injection moulding producer. Among their customers are well-known OEM’s
from the IT and automotive sector, electrical and electronic industry as well as medical
and communication technologies.
FKuR Kunststoff GmbH produces and markets special, customized biopolymers under
the brand names Bio-Flex® (polylactic acid/copolyester compound), Biograde® (cellulose
ester compound) and Fibrolon® (natural fibre reinforced polymers). The close
cooperation of the company with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT assures outstanding
know-how and quality standards.