FKuR: Bioplastics manufacturer expands to North America

At the beginning of 2010, FKuR Kunststoff GmbH began operations of its newly founded subsidiary, FKuR Plastics Corporation, in Cedar Park, Texas, USA with a team of 4 people. Patrick Zimmermann (Photo) was appointed the President of FKuR Plastics Corp. and will also continue to assume his role as Sales Manager for FKuR Kunststoff GmbH. He will continue his efforts in Germany while assisting his staff in capturing the American market with the bioplastics´ compounds Bio-Flex®, Biograde® and Fibrolon®.

North American customers will be able to receive the resins directly from a local warehouse in the USA and manufacturing of the compounds will begin once the sales volume has reached a stable dimension. "With my team in Texas and the comprehensive technologic and personal resources in Europe we want to convince the North American market of the high quality of our compounds", says Mr. Zimmermann. "Our extrusion and injection molding specialists, as well as the entire material development competence are prepared for this challenge."

FKuR, which has sold biocompounds mostly in Europe since 2003, considers itself a leader in technology and precursor in the development of technologically sophisticated and tailor-made compounds. FKuR´s enormous yearly growth in sales is based on the factors of success, such as smooth processing on conventional extrusion equipment and unique technical customer service with man´s tailor-made biocompounds made to customers´ specifications. Compounds made by FKuR offer technical performance characteristics comparable to the level of established plastics and are used in many applications for superior packaging.

Bioplastics are a class of material which is based on renewable resources or enables the biodegradability of products made from these polymers.

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH produces and markets tailor-made biopolymer specialties on the basis of Polylactic acid/Copolyester (Bio-Flex®), cellulose ester (Biograde®) and WPC / wood-plastic-compound (Fibrolon®). The cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT guarantees for innovation, know-how and quality.

Contact FKuR-USA:
FKuR Plastics Corp.
921 W New Hope Drive - Suite 605
Cedar Park, TX 78613 - USA
Phone +1 512-971-3581
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More Information: www.fkur.com