Extrusions tackle complexity, cost of medical devices


A new, integrated extrusion eliminates the traditional time-consuming hand lay-up manufacturing process to produce medical guide catheter shafts. The announcement reflects a rapidly developing trend to produce medical devices that are less complex and less expensive.

Called Tri-Tie extrusion technology, Putnam Plastics' continuous technology builds the three-layer composite shafts without manual assembly and staff, resulting in improved product reliability and lower cost.

"Tri-Tie guide catheter shaft manufacturing rethinks the conventional approach to achieve a more integrated and reliable component," says Ray Rilling, director of R&D at Putnam (Danville, CT).

Guide catheters are commonly used to access endovascular sites and deliver balloons, stents, guide wires, contrast media and other devices. Requirements are generally complex, making the catheters expensive and difficult to manufacture....
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