Breyer GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Extrusion lines for the production of sheet for optical and LED lighting application

Textured clear sheet for LED applications

Since more than 60 years BREYER is developing, manufacturing and supplying complete extrusion systems worldwide. One of the core products from BREYER are film and sheet lines especially for optical applications.

Brilliant displays installed in modern flat LED TV’s, desktop monitors, mobile phones, etc. require crystal clear sheet.
Breyer has more than 40 years experience with the processing of clear materials like PMMA and PC.

Presently the market demand for innovative and efficient LED lighting ideas is constantly growing. These new ideas for efficient LED lighting require clear sheet with perfect surface structure and high efficient light transmission.

For an economic production of crystal clear sheet for LED lighting application BREYER has now developed a new line – the BREYER BrightLine - with an integrated inline imprinting system. This system applies a special structure on the extruded sheet which provides a much higher light efficiency. That means more and better light distribution using less energy.
Present systems have the disadvantage of using an offline printing process which requires more handling of the sensitive sheet.

The strengths of Breyer lines are superb quality, high efficiency, great productivity and last but not least outstanding user-friendliness.

Some of the key developments of Breyer lines are:

 Effective venting system allowing lower energy costs
 Patented meltpump control for a faster start – up of the line, saving energy and material costs
 Innovative bank measuring system for faster set up of the sheet thickness
 Calender with solid calender rolls, electronic gap control for changing the thickness by a touch of a button and inline adjustment of the flatness
 A new generation of extremely quiet working circular saws
 Automatic sheet stacker with different stacker executions

All this advantages give the user the possibility to produce first-class sheet for the sophisticated final products.