Extrusion innovation contest opened; Suppliers applauded


Extrusion systems manufacturer Reifenhäuser Group has been especially busy of late. In early April the company officially began accepting submissions for its inaugural Extrusioneers Innovation Contest, held under the motto "Thinking outside the box." Reifenhäuser is looking for the best ideas in terms of products, processes and machines.

Participants from all over the world can use the website www.extrusioneers-innovation-contest.com to enter their ideas on the subject of plastics extrusion, be inspired by the ideas of others, and to communicate. Reifenhäuser experts also will monitor and encourage the exchange of ideas and provide feedback to the community.

The company first announced it would organize the contest at last fall's K show. Bernd Kunze, responsible at the company for the event and a and member of the jury, commented, "The contest is intended to bring together as many people interested in plastics extrusion as possible and to give young professionals, in particular, the opportunity to engage themselves in this subject. It is not only the ideas we are interested in, but we also are keen to learn to know people that have different ways of thinking and to establish new contacts that remain beyond the contest. For this reason, communication is attached greatest importance in this contest."...
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