Extrusion Expert: Countering plastophobia


Allan Griff, our Extrusion Expert, took on the growing phenomenon of "plastophobia" in his final Extrusion Expert webcast. Below are questions and answers taken from that session's live Q&A.

BPA is a building block in making PC but it is also a degradation product.

So we need to know the conditions of degradation , the end products and the amounts generated per unit time as a function of temperature Hydrolysis/chain breakage isn't the same as regeneration of BPA. A can lining is heated to 125°C for 20 minutes? How much of what is produced and transferred to contents? A baby bottle is sterilized for a few minutes at 100°C? How much of what? Room-temp uses such as water bottles aren't heated at all. How much of what? Paracelsus said " the dose makes the poison," and I agree. And if PC degrades to BPA, is there any phosgene recreated, too? Doubtful, as the chlorine is gone. How about H2C=O (formaldehyde)?

Have the BPA foes sought and based their claims on such numbers? I doubt it, but am ready to look at anything responsibly generated. Science is no place for guesswork or spin....
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