Extruder sales: Strong, growing, growing, stalled


That in effect is the outlook at MachinePoint, a supplier of used plastics processing and packaging machinery, on recent demand trends for extrusion equipment in (respectively) the Middle East, Brazil and Latin America, India and Europe. The company currently has about 188 pipe and profile extruders in its catalogue and sells at least two per month.

Gema Álvarez, marketing manager at MachinePoint, provided PlasticsToday with those figures and offered some additional insight into the company's report of extruder sales. The company sees that Europe's extrusion market is "stalled" with processors in both the pipe extrusion market as well as those involved in window profile extrusion making little or no investment, largely in response to slow construction markets across the Continent. Consolidation and transfer of some work to lower labor-cost countries in Eastern Europe is ongoing and the lack of investment is not expected to change soon.

These transitions are also leading to an increase in the availability of good used extruders, she explained, with quality used machinery available for processors who want "to purchase European brands at good prices." Such processors may want to move quickly as, according to MachinePoint, it sees little sign of major investment in the European extrusion community anytime soon, meaning that supply of good, used machines is limited and not being replenished....
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