Extended SPÄH service for seals with optical sort-out machine

SCHEER - GERMANY, September 2013 – For the product area seals and stamped parts, Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG offers visual inspection by machine with precise count packaging and printing according to customer requirements.

In recent years the demands on part tolerance have increased significantly. Moreover, our customers understandably don't want any defective seals or stamp scrap in their deliveries. As a logical consequence of this continual rise in customer requirements we have taken action and put an optical sort-out machine into operation in our Scheer parent plant.

The inspection unit has a wide range of sorting options and additional functions. These include material colour, part dimensions as well as searching for damaged parts and stamp scrap such as dropouts. Stamped parts with a thickness of 1 to 5mm and a maximum overall dimension of 73mm can be sorted automatically. As a further, additional service, it is possible to have parts precise count packaged in PE pouches. These can even be individually printed according to customer requirements (e.g. with a logo, batch date, article number, barcode, etc - see photo).

Learn more about our enhanced product service for seals and stamped parts at the K trade fair from 16th to 23rd October, at the BWI joint stand in exhibition hall 12, stand E 19.

With over 500 workers, SPÄH produces seals and stamped parts of all kinds, turning, milling and plotter parts predominately made from plastic, precision water-jet cut parts and other mechanically produced parts for purchase made from elastomers, plastics as well as sealing and insulation materials and cellular materials for all branches of industry inEurope. Along with the parent company in Scheer, Karl Popp GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Bevensen, QUADRIGA Dichtungs-GmbH inNorderstedtand SCHIPPL Dichtungen GmbH in Welden also belong to the SPÄH group.

You can find more information on SPÄH at www.spaeh.de.