Exporting molds: Painful for many mold makers, but help is available


A lot of opportunity exists for mold manufacturers to export their molds, and in spite of the complexities of exporting, there are ways to do this that can help you get more business.

Ten years ago, Cavaform, a custom mold manufacturer in St. Petersburg, FL, changed its name to Cavaform International. Robert "Chuck" Massie, vice president of the family-owned company, explains the reason: "We began getting a lot of interest internationally, primarily from the trade shows we were attending, so we decided to make 'international' part of our name."

Today, approximately 25-40% of Cavaform's total mold sales are realized from exports. The company exports throughout Central and South America, including Columbia, Peru and Brazil. "We just shipped two molds to Peru, and we've been shipping molds to Mexico for ages," Massie comments.
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