Expandable interpolymer foam delivers enhanced child safety seats


E-por (expandable interpolymer) particle foam from BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) is now providing greater safety in the new Trifix child safety seat from Britax Römer Kindersicherheit GmbH (Ulm, Germany). Used in the head and neck region, this new material from BASF has tough-elastic and crack-resistant properties that enable it to meet the highest demands placed on materials in child safety seats.

Foam molder Schlaadt Plastics GmbH (Lorch am Rhein, Germany) advised Britax Römer to select the material for its new child safety seat. " E-por is more stable than EPS, which makes it an alternative to expanded polystyrene," says Thomas Weise, sales director at Schlaadt Plastics. " We've tested both EPS and EPP (expanded polypropylene), and following a long series of tests opted for E-por." The key features of this granulate foam include cost efficiency in production and resistance to impact and pressure....
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