Exclusive: EPA delays major report on safety of phthalates

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is putting on hold a major review of phthalates typically used as flexibilizers in polyvinyl chloride and in other applications until a separate review on phthalates is completed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In 2011, the EPA began an alternates assessment program for phthalates and said that it intended to conduct a Design for the Environment and Green Chemistry alternatives assessment by 2012.

The EPA said in a statement: "The information developed could be used to encourage industry to move away
from phthalates in a non-regulatory setting to expand risk management efforts beyond whatever regulatory action might be taken under TSCA, or it could be used as input to a regulatory action." TSCA is an acronym for the federal Toxic Substances Control Act.

The EPA Web site states that a draft report would be available for review and content in summer 2013....

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